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  About BatStateU ITSO

       Batangas State University (BatStateU), an academic institution of higher learning, on its commitment to implement the mandates of quality and excellence, relevance and responsiveness, access and equity in instruction, research, extension and production established an Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) in partnership with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHIL). BatStateU recognizes the need to have its own Technology Transfer Protocol (TTP) in accordance to The Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009 (RA 10055). The BatStateU affirms an intellectual property system significantly important to the advancement of creative activity and the facility of technology transfer with the end goal of Leading Innovations and Transforming Lives.

       To implement this protocol, the university shall set-up an Intellectual Property Management, Product Technology Assessment and Commercialization (IPMPTAC) under the Office of the Director for Research Management Services. This office is responsible for the protection, licensing and commercialization of the intellectual properties of the University. It will spearhead the dissemination of information on IP Policy, licensing, technology transfer and other IP related activities of the University.

       The BatStateU ITSO is under the monitoring of the Asst. Dir. for IPMPTAC and is mandated to conduct activities pertaining to patent evaluation, patent searching, patent drafting and filing. Aside from patents, the office is also assigned to file any IP Assets of the university which has potential for commercialization.

  Composition of the Office of Intellectual Property Management, Product Technology Assessment and Commercialization (IPMPTAC).

       The BatStateU IPMPTAC is headed by the Assistant Director who reports directly to the Director for Research Management Services who is under the Office of the Vice President for Research, Development and Extension. The Asst. Dir. For IPMPTAC oversees the operation of the Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO). At the minimum, the ITSO is composed of an ITSO Manager, three ITSO Staff, legal counsel on intellectual property or corporate law and administrative assistants. The function of the ITSO Manager may be performed by the Asst. Dir. For IPMPTAC. The ITSO Staff assist the ITSO Manager in the performance of functions to effectively carry out the mandate of the office. The ITSO personnel constitutes the ITSO Technical Committee.

  Functions of the Office of IPMPTAC
The Intellectual Property Management, Product Technology Assessment and Commercialization (IPMPTAC) shall have the following functions:
  1. Formulate and recommend the IP policy of the university;
  2. Implement the approved IP policy of the university;
  3. Determine the patentability or copyright ability which includes supervising of patent disclosures, undertaking patent search and completing applications for patents and copyrights;
  4. Evaluate applications for patent registration and copyrights.
  5. Make deposits on copyright and file and prosecute the appropriate intellectual property applications including those for the protection of plant varieties on behalf of the university;
  6. Apply for patent at IPO Philippines and registration of copyrights at the National Library;
  7. Perform licensing and commercialization activities and transfer of technology;
  8. Facilitate the execution of agreements, affidavits, applications, complaints, and other documents relating to works and inventions necessary to facilitate the university’s intellectual property rights;
  9. Coordinate with the appropriate legal office of BatStateU or any of its extension campuses with respect to requests for the filing of cases to protect and enforce the university’s intellectual property rights;
  10. Advise on the best stage at which a technology or invention should be out-licensed. This is with full regard to the university’s responsibility of providing the public with reasonable access to the technology or invention while receiving a reasonable return on investment;
  11. Assist university researchers and business/other organizations seeking technology solutions;
  12. Assist university researchers in in-licensing particular technologies required for commercializing their inventions and/or for product development.
  13. Assist university researchers in obtaining non-assert agreements, entering patent pools, negotiating royalty ceilings and floors and other business-to-business negotiations;
  14. Advise university researchers on the best route to market for a particular technology or invention. This can take the form of, among others: licensing, co-development, joint venture, university subsidiary, or spin-off company.
  15. Negotiate with university faculty, researchers, staff and students with respect to the development of independently owned technologies after a determination of their commercial potential for purposes of registration, licensing, joint venture or other technology transfer arrangements.
  16. Assist in securing research collaborations with and funding from commercial enterprises;
  17. Assist in doing due diligence on the best partners for collaborative research and development, taking into consideration their expertise, product portfolio and priorities, track record, and financial status.
  18. Review and recommend, upon consultation with the appropriate units of the constituent universities, appropriate intellectual property policies for the university, including possible legislative initiatives in this area;
  19. Promote a culture of innovation and technopreneurship in all BatStateU campuses through the provision of training courses and seminars on intellectual property and invention disclosure, management of technology and innovation, company formation, technology valuations; and the conduct of business plan competitions, business surgeries, etc.
  20. Such other related and necessary functions in order to carry out the mandate of the office such as the issuance of primers, frequently asked questions and other similar documents regarding this policy and other intellectual property matters.