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This class will focus on skills needed to identify and validate, using the lean startup approach, market opportunities that can be addressed by technology solutions. Students will organize into teams, possibly with members outside the class, to pursue these opportunities and will present their results to a panel of experts and entrepreneurs at the end of the semester. Promising teams from the class will receive support to launch their ventures.

To understand everything about how this class works you can read About Flipped Classroom


  1. Fill out the demographics survey ( and the KnowWho exercise ( You can use the info here later during team formation.
  2. Check out my entry in row 2 as reference
  3. Deadline is August 20, 2016
  4. Join the facebook group (Delta Techno Class)
  5. Start keeping a log of ideas as the best ideas come when you're not trying to think of one. To prime your brain, read the links in the opportunity identification section.
  1. Mindset : from Carol Dweck
  2. The key philosophy of the class: build stuff and have customers use it as embodied in the lean startup approach
  3. Examples of student entrepreneurship
  4. The Five Characteristics of Successful Innovators
  5. Tech startups and founders. From various articles and from Founders at work
  6. 10 Things Tough Minds Don't Do
  7. For many of you, the first challenge will be talking to potential collaborators and then eventually talking to customers. Here are some tips for you.
    1. 6 Success Tips for People Who Are Anxious or Sensitive
    2. 7 Success Tips for Introverts
    3. 4 Social Tips for Introverts
    4. An Introvert;s Guide to Networking
  8. For some of you, the challenge will me managing your time and avoiding procrastination. Here's a simple tip to becoming more productive
  9. Introduction to Technopreneurship PDF Document
  10. The Five Characteristics of Successful Innovators by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic-Harvard Business Review File

  Opportunity Identification


  1. Find out how the average person can get more ideas and  What To Do When You Run Out Of Ideas. Read Graham's  How to get startup ideas and  Why Smart People Have Bad Ideas. Pay attention to his suggestions for evaluating ideas.
  2. 6 Ways Your Brain Tries To Kill Your Ideas And How To Fight Them
  3. World's 50 most innovative companies
  4. Browse through various articles on entrepreneurhip, innovation, and education
  5. Google your initial ideas. What comes up may provide inspiration for innovative variations.
  6. Start by asking your friends and family (especially those working in industry) what problems they have at work and use frustration to create something amazing
  7. Don't worry right away if someone else seems to have done your idea already. Maybe there's a better way to do it.
  8. Btw, don't worry about getting the initial idea perfect. We just need a starting point for experimentation, "Big and large, innovative products aren't strategically imagined ahead of time - they're stumbled upon while experimenting on-the-go."
  9. Check out our peers in India: The 10 Hot Indian Startups You Need To Watch, 30 hottest startups in India
  10. If you're interested in social entrepreneurship, please read How Misinformed Ideas About Profit Are Holding Back The World's Poor
  11. Why you should shark tank your company
  1. Post your KnowWho ( entry here Due on August 26 see Lecture 2 Opportunity Identification pdf for details